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    July 9, 2013
    7:00 - 7:31pm PDT  

learned of the asiana flight 24. >> an inside look of what one calls a miracle and so many survived. >> the mascot of the big name's change of one of the bay area largest sports venues. it is tuesday, july 9th, i am heather homes tonight for gasia mikaelian, this is bay area news at 7:00. a new video and survive stories of the crash of asiana flight 214. the ntsb released this video just late this afternoon offering new looks of investigators on the sight. the ntsb revealed that two flight attendanted were ejected of the hole of the tail of the plane.
and then the plane's tail an all of which became dislodged of impact. and of boeing 777. jana attended this afternoon's crash briefing, sheps live now and telling us three of the four pilots were in the cockpit when the plane crashed. >> reporter: over there at the crash site we understand that now ntsb investigators have started going through bree in the cockpit and the cabin. and investigators say in inter interviews they have learned new information from the pilots. >> reporter: that were three pilots in the cockpit and one release captain sitting in the cabin and it was a flight of the first time the
pilot training the triple 777 landed at sfo. >> this is the first time he and the flying pilot that he and the instructing pilot has flown together. >> said that he could not see the control or the runway. the ntsb said the pilot flying 777 was hin hired '74. and had flown in the korean air force for ten years. ntsb says the commanding notice that they're at 500 feet too low. >> they had set speed at 137, not and
he assumed that the autothrottle remains the speed. >> the plane was going 106, not impact. the landing gear struck the see wall first and the tail was hit and torn off. >> two of the flight attendants were ejected from the aircraft during the impact sequence so they were not at their stations. >> reporter: and again amazingly the two flight attendants did survive after being thrown. in the united states flight crews are required to under go the drug and alcohol tests after a crash, that's not required for a foreign pilot in the united states. the ntsb is expected to have another conference tomorrow. >> ceo
yawn walked out of custom and was surrounded by media. he said only a few words in korn which included apology mrolgs in korean. . >> i think it is his duty to do interviews and say sorry. >> he was greeting victims' family members and including the relatives of the teenage girls killed in the crash. according to the south korean -- korean -- triple 7 is in short of $137 million. but, what about the
financial fall out that the airlines faces? about of $128 million and $43 billion of damage of the runway. stanford hospital released one patient today but four ot remained hospitalized and one is in critical condition. a victims. one patient re mained at both saint francis and saint marie. well a search in san francisco is giving the firsthand account of the -- john value ler today got inside access of the hospital and how the event there unfolded. >> reporter: the mood was intense and trauma signature gent was
surgeons -- he called it a miracle. >> we thought there is going to be a lot more victims who were going to die from the crash, it is amazing so many people walked away from the accident. >> saturday , doctors treated 62 victims that came in san francisco in four waves. they got the most serious of surgeries within 45 minutes of the crash. >> the blunt force injuries that was really cat strafk. astrophic. suffering more injuries, bodies thrashed with bone breaking force. >> the i could not breathe for a couple of seconds. >> it was like we were all bouncing all over the place, i remember there is being dusts everywhere and i was freaking out. >> the
yuan family left san francisco all had minor injuries. around the corner two patients . >> we are fortunate of the quick response and i think that saves lives. >> reporter: doctors say this of the biggest mass casualty injuries in history. ktvu channel 2 news. >> crash survivors were reunited with relatives today behind closed doors. the media was kept far away from crown plaza. several were wearing neck braces. from the hotel south of the airport, the boeing 777 is clearly visible across the water. travelers still seeing problems flying in and out of sfo. it will stay that way until
wreckages are removed. officials at sfo says 120 flights were cancelled today and even split between arrivals and departures and delays of averages of 60-90 minutes. coming up more coverages of the flight 214 and the psychological impact and what it had on the bay area koreans. officer received shock fire at around 2:30 this afternoon. officer found an unkshs man in the streets suffering from one shot wound and so far no words on his identity and arrest. dozens of people returned to a badly burn apartment in redwood city. this is what it looks like inside the home. one person was killed of the six alarm fire that broke out url
l early sunday morning, nearly 100 people lost their homes. >> seven years of my life and my children's life is gone and they're giving us ten minute to get our stuff out. >> that woman says she does not believe she will be able to find anything affordable for herself and her family. investigators have not determine anything that cause the fire but so far they said it does not seem to be suspicious. sj shark ki made a dramatic entrance of today's cutting ribbon ceremony. the company's executive says they plan to give fans a new digital experiences on the mobile devices. >> the team will know who they are and so as they check in they'll know where they are seated, are they
seasoned ticketholders are have they been loyal to the sharks, or is it their birth a veteran federal judge has been assigned of san jose's anti-trust laws as major league baseball. the case has been assigned to judge ronald white, one of the nation's influential judges of high-tech laws. a financial analyst reports that apple -- response to a low demand and industry analyst says coop -- reportedly applied to all iphone models. apple is still on of course to make a 26% gain in sale for a second half of the year.
75 points and it is once again nearing its all time high. nasdaq gained 19. higher interests rate. yelp is adding new feature so users can order food for pick up or deliver. yelp uses the deliver services. yelp started the website where people can add in opinions and comments on local restaurant businesses. we'll show you how the traps work for catching coyeto and how it is needed. i do see a cool down on the horizon, i will have the numbers
you can expect if your area for tomorrow, coming up.
blocking trucks from arriving and ships loading at the international terminals. which could leads to job losses for union workers. around noon today, a local arbitrator ruled that there is no reason for the pick up line and ordered workers back to their job. the issue is being reviewed by a coastal label community. bart management, the last week of agreement of suspending the strike. the two sides have until
august 4th to reach a day a, union workers are threaten to leave the job again. robert honda reports on new efforts on trying to trap the animal. >> reporter: coyote traps are being set up all sar toga hill. shirley lee hears the howling and the traps are being set. >> in the beginning it is scary and it is getting worst. >> now , people are saying the animals are following humans and getting close and pets are disappearing. >> we know from history that when that kind of behavior is allowed to progress that can eventually lead to attacks on humans and particularly children.
>> reporter: so after cage traps did not work, they're setting up traps to catch coyotes, simple traps are put through the coyote trails. >> when that happens then the snare tightens around the neck and we have a stop here that keeps prevent choking. >> this other types of traps is hidden and baited with food. >> so when they pull it releases the traps and it comes over of the neck of the coyote and when the coyote pulls back it is like a snare at that point. >> reporter: after about 2 weeks if these trap rs not effective, it will go for more elaborate traps. in san jose robert honda, ktvu channel 2 news. the bullet that killed florida teenage trayvon martin.
that was a testimony from a forensic path thol gist today. the defense hopes to rest tomorrow and it is still unclear whether zimmerman will testify on his own defense. back to the coverage of the crash of asiana flight 24. nancy pelosi took a moment to commend the heroic work of the first responders. >> we'll remember the those loss in the tragedy and we'll do what we can to ensure the safety and the security of all travelers of america. >> also she expressed condolences of the families of the two
16-year-old girls in the the incident. >> they take over the scene ande wreckage and the the witness's statement and the logbooks and everything. experts say the ntsb is carrying out its policy to provide as much information to the public as possible. ntsb's chair debra responded by saying transparency is the home of -- and as our rob roth found today why many are taking the accident so personally. >> reporter: at this korean market on oakland avenue we found that many
koreans viewed the crash not only a tragedy but a national disgrace. >> it was our shame. >> john kim is president of the national advisory counsel which advices the south koreans government. >> people died and many people -- it is shameful because it is our nation's airline. >> she can only express her feelings if we did not show her face. >> it feel shameful and why it happened to korean airline. >> why did you feel shameful? >> maybe if we are educated not to make mistakes. >> those we spoke with say koreans generally take great prides of the country's economic ride and failure to bring shame. >> if something goods happen we are all happy and if something bad
happens we are all are ashamed. >> some korean americans may feel ashamed, some say they can also take pride in saving passengers. in oakland rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. on thursday, ktvu will air a special report on the crash landing at sfo of the one hour. we'll have complete coverage of the investigation and include more of the heroic effort to save passengers. that will air at 9 p.m. at ktvu on thursday. temperatures will begin to fall tomorrow so it was gorgeous around parts of the bay area today but the inland areas really heated up and perhaps hotter to your liking and we'll take a look at those numbers and first a look at the
coastline and where we remain cool and partly to mostly cloudy. i see the clouds coming back your way. pacific is mostly c most of the day. because of it. wow, we really warmed up and wel hot in areas like and 95 degrees still outside your door. buy,. so you felt the difference, around the bay and along the coast, similar to where we have been. today the warmest day, we are going to see this bridge breaks down and leaving us with a cooler pattern as we get into wednesday and thursday, a trough fighting off the coastline is going to work its way to bring us the cool down. i want to fast forward to tomorrow because by noontime 1:00 notice that we have plenty of,
should be white cloud cover, and not the gray ominous cloud coverings. all the way north to about i-80 and you can see a touch into the valley as well. it looks like this cloud deck is staying right about here and it will decrease as we get into the evening hours. you will notice the clouds over head by tomorrow afternoon. as we get started tomorrow morning, temperatures similar to how we started this afternoon but by the afternoon a big change. 82 for napa and lows 90s for areas like antioch. and the extended forecast here so temperatures dropping off tomorrow and cooler on thursday as we are getting into the weekend and we are heating back up. >> all right , ti. , thank you. and
victims today break their silence in the cleveland kidnapping that has been years grabbing national's head lines.
first and for most i want to let everyone to know how happy i am.
>> victims kidnapping breaking their silence. they delivered their message at a youtube expressed gratitude for support. the woman did mention the accused kidnapper ariel castro or any details of the ordeal. thousands gathered today in honoring the lives of the 19 firefighters who die inside duty. ed in duty. vice president joe biden was among those who attended. he called the men some of the strongest and most disciplined in the world. the big party plan for the bay bridge is not opening any time soon.
wornt there will be a celebration is on the agenda for a big meeting tomorrow. the party was estimated to cost $5. 6 million. thank you for making ktvu choic. our coverage continues, and tonight we'll talk to the attendants learning what happened on the aa asiana na flight. look at 'em.
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> amanda bynes does it again. nothing screams like don't put me in jail like a blue wig and a tank top. you are supposed to dress up. >> judges get upset about that. >> they are just wearing a robe. you could have dressed up a little, judge. did you just wake up? >> breaking news. george clooney and stacy keibler done. >> over? >> done. done. done. > she broke up with him? >> i can't believe it.